Tiger Balm, natural plants

Counterfeits and the genuine tiger balm

On internet, some unscrupulous websites don’t hesitate to market counterfeit tiger balm. They are often of poor quality and sometimes may contain opium and camphor in excessive quantities. But that should not prevent you from using this amazing cure, acclaimed by users worldwide. You simply need to be careful when buying. All Tiger balms marketed on the site Tigerbalm-Shop are genuine Tiger Balm. We invite you to check the health and customs regulations of your country.

The Cajeput

Cajeput Tiger BalmThe cajeput is a tree of the family Myrtaceae, native of Southeast Asia and northern Australia. The cajuput an evergreen tree is up to 30 meters high. The thick bark whitish flakes off in large strips. The branches are covered with fine hairs, dense and long. The leaves are 5 to 15 cm long. The inflorescence is a grouping ears flower, color cream, triads, carried by a pubescent rachis. From the leaves, by distillation is extracted Cajuput Oil an essential oil widely used for its antiseptic property. It is also used in perfumery. Cajuput oil properties are: immune stimulant, anti -infective and antiseptic, expectorant and anti- catarrhal, protective and regenerative skin.

The Camphor

Camphor Tiger BalmThe camphor tree is a laurel family tree (Lauraceous) from which is extracted camphor. It is a medium sized tree, from fifteen to twenty-five meters high, with leaves alternate, entire, leathery and persistent. It is native to southern China, Japan and Taiwan. The leaves are generally oval, long ten cm and exhale a strong smell of camphor when crushed. The camphor tree is a recognized medicinal plant. From its leaves are extracted essential oil, called Ravintsara, used in cases of respiratory or viral infections and prevention of influenza.

The Cinnamon

Cinnamon Tiger BalmThe cinnamon is a tree of ten to fifteen meters high, originated from China. Its evergreen leaves are bright green, oblong and measure seven to eighteen cm long. Its flowers have a greenish color and a rather unpleasant odor. The fruit of the cinnamon is a berry of 1cm diameter club-shaped and purple color. With its inner bark is produced cinnamon. The Cinnamon of China is a recognized medicinal plant. From bark is obtained a recommended essential oil especially in case of urinary infection, gynecological or gastrointestinal.

The Clove

Clove Tiger BalmThe Clove is a Myrtaceae family’s tree with pyramidal and aromatic evergreen. Growth rapidly, it can reach a height of 10 to 15 meters. Its leaves are oval and leathery. The four white rose petals flowers are characterized by their red sepals. Before blooming, the flower buds are called “cloves ". It was at this time that the famous harvest cloves before letting them dry in the sun until they are dark brown. Clove offers anti-infective properties of broad-spectrum (anti -fungal, antiviral, antibacterial, antiphrastic), anti- pain and digestive and intestinal stimulating.


Mint Tiger BalmMint is a perennial herb of the Lamiaceae family. It is grown as an aromatic plant condiment, medicinal or ornamental. Mint is a plant that can reach 80 cm high. His most used variety in herbal medicine is peppermint. It has a square rods structure, green color and the harvest is done on an annual basis. We can found it in Europe, Asia and North America. Its properties include joint, muscle and headaches pain, effective against respiratory problems, relieves pain associated with insect bites and animals, prevents the formation of cracks.

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